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How to enable cookies on iPhone

Whether you want to enable or disable cookies, here’s how to find the option in all major iPhone browsers. Do you want to enable or disable cookies on your iPhone? You’re in luck. Most iPhone browsers allow you to quickly and easily enable the cookies option. This way, you can keep cookies enabled when you […]

15 essential tips to become a real iphone magician

You think you know everything about your iPhone? Well, I assure you don’t! The phone with the little apple on the back is full of great little tricks… …that even the most seasoned users don’t suspect. But since I’m being nice, I’m going to unveil all the tips and tricks, shortcuts and hidden functions. Discover […]

How to track a phone for free using IMEI

You suspect someone and want to track their phone? But you’re unable to grab their phone out of their hands? Exhausted by all this secrecy, you finally decide to follow him using the IMEI number of his phone. Such technology was once complex and difficult for ordinary people to use. Not anymore! How do I […]

Locate a mobile phone for free, some indisputable tricks

Until I had my mobile phone stolen a few days ago, I had never understood why it was so important, even primordial, to take measures to protect my mobile phone so that it could be easily found if it was lost. You’ve certainly understood people telling you that it was possible to locate a mobile […]