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What solutions to find a lost or stolen cell phone?

When a cell phone is lost, most of us feel helpless! In most cases, the smartphone contains a lot of personal data and when it is a business phone, the stakes are even higher! To remedy this problem, there are solutions to find it. Find a lost or stolen cell phone thanks to geolocation With […]

iOS 15: How to disable Automatic Night Mode on iPhone

Apple’s iPhones running on iOS are equipped with some of the most advanced photo features that can be found on smartphones. However, the Californian manufacturer leaves very little control over these features and this is especially the case for Night Mode, which is triggered automatically whether you want it or not. The problem with this […]

5 tips to secure your Android smartphone

We have more and more personal information stored inside our cell phones. Here’s how to prevent it from being stolen. It’s hard to miss the daily use of our smartphones these days. If at the beginning, we used them mainly to go on Facebook and play Candy Crush, we can now, with a few taps […]

How to locate a lost cell phone

If you have lost your phone, you will find in this guide some tips to locate it. We’ve all experienced the existential panic of losing our smartphone. First, you check your purse or work bag. You look under your bed and between the couch cushions. You even check to see if it’s still plugged into […]

The iPhone 13 would support LEO communication, but what is it?

Apple would secretly work on the integration of a new technology: satellite telecommunication. Instead of using terrestrial antennas, the new iPhone could communicate directly with the sky via a constellation of satellites in low earth orbit. The iPhone 13 should be announced in September and marketed in the wake, the information and indiscretions about it […]

How to unlock an iCloud locked iPhone

Your new iPhone is locked? Its former owner is no longer available or reachable? Then it seems like a real problem! You should know that there is always a solution in every case. We will see below the method that will allow you to unlock an iPhone on iCloud. Blocking the iPhone for security reasons […]