Locate Phone Number for Free

Locate Phone Number for Free

How to Locate Your Lost Phone?
How To Find Someone’s Location By Their Phone Number ?
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Have you lost your phone, or do you think it’s been stolen? Using an app to locate your iOS or Android smartphone is a great way to confirm your fears. Here’s how to get the most out of locating a phone easily.

We have our smartphone in our hands all the time and it has given us the habit of giving us almost immediately all the answers to the everyday questions we ask ourselves. Everything right away has become a habit. And this is also the case when we want to know where a person we want to reach is, his children for example. No delay, we want to locate a phone and without waiting. Our smartphone now knows how to do it, there are several solutions for that. They depend on your device and that of the person to be geolocated. But with the right tools and the right information, you can locate a phone for free and know where your wife, children, family and friends are. We explain you how to do, follow the guide.

Locate a cell phone for free

There are a lot of applications available to locate a lost smartphone for free. If you have a model that runs on Android, you can turn to Where’s My Droid, which comes in both free and paid versions. The free version is still more than enough to track down a lost smartphone.

Find a Lost Phone is the name of an application with similar features: it allows you to geolocate your phone, track it on a map, or even ring it if you lost it at home.

Locator Phone Number is a geolocation application that allows you to locate yourself on a map with your friends, for example to find yourself for an appointment. But the app also allows you to find a lost smartphone when needed, as it shows the last locations on the device on a map. It is available online, on iOS and Android.

We can also mention Lost Phone Tracker, a mobile application only available within the Google Play Store, and thus Android. As its name suggests, this app makes it easy to find a lost smartphone: it is located on a map and you can send a message to the cell phone to try to get in touch with the person who recovered it.

These few applications represent a sample of what can be found in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. However, for ease of use and security, it is best to use the official solutions of the manufacturers.

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Locating a cell phone is often because it has been lost, forgotten somewhere or stolen. inding it goes without saying, but this does not prevent you from taking precautions to secure the mobile data it contains. We explain everything you need to do to limit the consequences of losing a cell phone.

The GPS to locate a cell phone

The best tool to determine the precise location of a smartphone that you no longer have in your hand is GPS. Modern phones combine several technical solutions such as the use of WiFi networks and the proximity of other devices. GPS is still incomparably more efficient and accurate. You just have to activate it on your smartphone. A popular belief is that GPS drains the battery. It does consume energy, but it is not as greedy as it was a few years ago. And smartphones are becoming more and more efficient. So there’s no need to worry about it.

Backing up your data in real time

Perhaps the worst thing about losing a cell phone is not being able to access its contents and having it fall into the hands of unauthorized people. That’s why there is a backup system to implement in addition to the fingerprint or face lock system.

On a Google smartphone, photos are usually backed up as soon as you have a WiFi connection to your Google Photos via the same account as your phone. For data such as messages or address book, there is a Cloud backup on Google servers. It is also activated by default but it is to check in: Settings, Google Account, Data backup. This is also where you can restore them.

If you have an iPhone, the process is similar since you can backup your Apple iPhone by going to: Settings, “Your name”, iCloud, iCloud Backup.

Block your cell phone with the IMEI

Your cell phone has been stolen. You can have it permanently blocked by your telephone operator or by filing a complaint. To do this, you need to provide the IMEI number of your mobile, its identifier. It can be found in various places on your mobile depending on the brand, model, etc.

  • On the new box, with the identification label
  • On, under or near the battery
  • By dialing *#06# for free with any operator
  • Go to the Find my Device application if you have a Galaxy smartphone
  • By going to Locate (app or site) if you have an Apple iPhone

Third party geolocation applications

The location of a cell phone can be done with applications other than those provided by the manufacturer or the operating system of the cell phone. There are two types of solutions. There are the location applications of the parental control type which imply the consent of the persons connected to each other. The other solution consists of so-called spy applications. The functionalities are rarely available for free and of course raise the question of legality and morality. In addition, you need to be able to install them discreetly if you want them to be of any use.

Free services

Many free services allow you to easily define the geographical area of a call from its number. You can even do it for free and simply from the ARCEP website.

Locate a Samsung phone

You want to locate a Samsung smartphone, yours maybe, here is how to make an efficient search of its mobile.

How to locate an Android phone?

On Android, there are third-party applications, as we mentioned above. However, most of these applications were developed before Google itself addressed the problem. In fact, the company designed its own system for finding a lost smartphone, called Locate My Device. The service is natively integrated into the Android system, which means that once you have properly set up your smartphone, this feature is active immediately. However, you can access the full set of settings by downloading the Locate My Device application to your Android smartphone.

To locate a lost Android smartphone, you then need to go to google.com/android/find and log into your Google account. From there, you have the ability to geotag all Android devices that are integrated with your account. When the identification is done, you then have the option to make the phone ring, which is useful if it is lost at home, to lock the device and display a message on the lock screen, or to erase the data from the device to remove all traces of your personal data.

Finally, note that some brands, such as Samsung or Xiaomi, offer their own lost phone search solutions. As their mobile devices also work with Android, you can combine the different applications to multiply the chances of finding your phone.

Find my Device from Samsung to locate a phone for free

The Galaxy range uses an application, and therefore a web service, dedicated to the location of the device, whether it is a smartphone like the Galaxy S22, a watch like the Galaxy Watch or the Earbuds of Samsung. Each of these smartphones uses the Find my Device service.

By connecting to the findmymobile.samsung.com website, and with the same account as the phone, you can easily find a cell phone because it will appear on a location map.

The accuracy depends on the means used to find your smartphone. If it is turned on with the GPS, the accuracy is about a few tens of centimeters. If the GPS is turned off, the smartphone will rely on the local wifi network to orient you. Then, the smartphone can report to other Samsung devices nearby in a secure way. The location information is relayed by another device. The whole thing is of course completely secure and transparent for users.

The other features allow you to lock and unlock the smartphone, make it ring, delete its data permanently, retrieve messages and call log. Finally, you can switch the phone to battery saving mode to preserve the battery as much as possible.

Android for other Samsung smartphones

If you don’t have a Galaxy smartphone, Google’s Locate application is more appropriate, although many features are similar. You have to register with your Google account. By launching the application from another phone if it is your own that is lost, you will find yourself in a few moments with a map of the precise location of the cell phone. You can also access it from the Google website to locate it.

Among the functions of this application, which is available free of charge, are the ability to make the cell phone ring very loudly, to lock it remotely or to delete its data permanently from the mobile (but not from your Google account so that you can transfer them to your new device).

In addition to Locate, you can use Google Maps and ask the person you are trying to locate to share their location. Just click on the link in the message to activate the service.

Geolocation and security applications

If you want a more complete service that goes beyond simple location, there are software programs such as parental control software. They allow you to locate a smartphone for free (or for a monthly subscription fee) provided that you have added the mobile number to the software and that the person has agreed to be located. This is a feature that can be found on many applications of the Google Play.

Locate an Apple iPhone

You have an iPhone and you want to locate a phone for free? The principle is quite similar as when you have a Samsung. We explain everything in detail.

How to locate an iPhone ?

As you may have noticed, there is no free iOS application to simply locate an iPhone. And for good reason: Apple offers its own service, which is itself available for free to owners of one of its devices. The service is simply called Locate and it can be downloaded from the App Store. However, if your iPhone is recent, it is likely that it is already installed on it. Go to the Settings > Location Services > Locate my iPhone menu to make the various settings for the service. Ideally, you should do this as soon as possible after the device has been activated.

Then, to locate your lost iPhone, you can go to the iCloud.com/find page in a web browser, or from the Locate application on a friend’s iPhone or iPad. In the event of a confirmed theft, you can remotely erase the data stored on the device, mark it as lost to make it unusable by the thief, or even emit a beep. This is clearly the most comprehensive, reliable and accessible solution available on Apple’s iOS devices, but it is really very important to make the settings as soon as possible, as the activation of the Locate application is not automatic. It would be a pity to realize that you forgot this when you really need it.

Locate by Apple

Apple offers an application called Localize (also) which relies on iCloud and the network of iOS smartphones to determine the location of a phone for free.

To locate an iPhone, GPS is of course the best tool and in this case, you can find your mobile in a few moments. If it’s not yours you’re looking for, you need to have access to the iCloud account to search for the geolocation of a mobile.

If the GPS is not turned on, and even if the mobile is not connected to the Internet, all is not lost to know the position of the cell phone. In fact, Apple phones can communicate with each other and the lost mobile can report its position using another Apple iPhone as a relay. Of course, all this is invisible for users and without any risk of data piracy. But it allows the person who lost his device to find it more easily. This also works for the Apple Watch or the Apple AirPods.

The features of Locate by Apple

Locate by Apple allows to have the position on a map of the searched phone. But the service, available on the Internet or another mobile, also allows you to remotely lock or unlock the cell phone concerned, to delete the data permanently (but not the iCloud account) or leave a message on the device concerned to ask, for example, to contact a phone number.

The application also allows you to ask the person who has the mobile to share its location. This will allow its location on a map on your device. In case of theft, this feature will not be very useful for you.

Applications for iOS on Apple Store
Other applications than the Apple one allow this geolocation. They are also based on consenting sharing of the location and are similar to parental control applications. They can therefore be used to locate a phone for free.

To install a so-called spy application on an iPhone, the choice is more limited because these applications are normally prohibited. In addition, they require a jailbreak, that is to say, a pitting of the phone concerned. This is not easy when you want to be discreet.

Locating an Android phone

You are not Samsung or Apple, so you may have a smartphone Xiaomi, Oppo, Huawei, Google or Crosscall. What these brands have in common is that they rely on Google’s Android OS to operate, and therefore offer very similar features from one device to another.

Locate by Google for cell phone

Locate by Google is the native application that allows you to find a cell phone from your Google account. You need to have access to the Google account of the phone, whether it is your own or someone else’s.

This application, as we have already seen above, allows both geolocation but also to unlock the smartphone, delete the data or even make it ring very loudly if it is close to you.

The application works from the GPS location but also relies on the surrounding Wifi networks to position itself.

Google Play applications and their reliability

The applications of the Google Play are based on two principles. There are applications that allow you to locate a smartphone for free and with the consent of the person. In this case, you use software such as Mspy or parental control applications in which you create groups with all the people you want to track.

The other solution, which is not very moral and is forbidden in France, consists of installing a tracking software on the phone that you want to locate discreetly.


How far will Locator Phone Number track or locate?

If there is a Cellular Mobile Services area, our technology can find a number anywhere in the world. The satellite will not be able to report the device’s current location if it leaves the range of Cellular Mobile coverage and returns to that range.

Will Locator Phone Number work anywhere?

Yes – It will work anywhere you have Internet

What is GPS?

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-based radionavigation system that allows determination of geographical locations. It was originally developed by the U.S. Department of Defense. The GPS is a satellite-based navigation system made up of a network of 24 orbiting satellites. It is maintained by the United States Department of Defense and is freely accessible to anyone in the world. There are no subscription fees charges to use GPS.

The GPS is based on the use of satellites in orbit that transmit all information which allow calculate the distance between the satellites and the object. The signals received from three or more satellites, with triangulation will make it possible to determine the location of the object.

What is mobile phone tracking?

It is a method for determining a cell phone’s position based on satellite signals and GPS.

It happens through multilateration of radio signals between (several) cell towers of the network and the phone, or via GPS.

The Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) works from the signal strength to nearby antenna masts.

How to locate a mobile phone online?

There are many different options on how to locate phone online.

With our tool just enter the number to track and click “Locate a phone”. The location system requires prior permission of the owner, in accordance with the AEPD regulation.

Can anyone track or locate my mobile phone?

Yes. It is possible that someone track your phone, though certain conditions apply.

Do you store in your database the phone numbers searched?

No. In no way Locator Phone Number store or use any phone numbers or IMEI numbers searched by the user. The purpose of our site is to provide information about phone location and track numbers, that’s all.

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