What solutions to find a lost or stolen cell phone?

What solutions to find a lost or stolen cell phone?

When a cell phone is lost, most of us feel helpless! In most cases, the smartphone contains a lot of personal data and when it is a business phone, the stakes are even higher! To remedy this problem, there are solutions to find it.

Find a lost or stolen cell phone thanks to geolocation

With the evolution of technology and smartphones, it is now possible to locate a cell phone from a simple computer. This method can be applied via the functionalities provided by the phone manufacturer, or via external applications.

Concerning iPhones, Apple officially offers a geolocation application, “Locate”, which allows to easily find any Apple device, including iPhones.

On the Android side, Google also has its own service called “Locate my device”. Here too, it is necessary to visit the web page dedicated to this service in order to find the lost or stolen cell phone.

Whether Apple or Android, the methods and features related to geolocation are the same:

  • Make the phone ring if it is nearby
  • Display a message or a phone number on the lock screen
  • Lock the stolen or misplaced cell phone so that the data stored on it is no longer accessible in case of theft
  • Erase all data from the phone

Contacting an operator to recover a stolen or misplaced cell phone

The operator providing the SIM card for the cell phone may be able to block the SIM card to make the smartphone partially unusable. If the phone has been stolen, the thief will not be able to overuse the phone plan. If the phone is turned off, the thief will be asked to unlock the SIM card in order to use it.

This method has little risk, the phone can be unlocked if the user finds it.

It is therefore recommended to contact the operator if the geolocation methods do not work.

What to do if the smartphone is not found?

If the above methods do not provide a definitive solution, it is possible that the cell phone is still untraceable. The device may have been stolen, switched off or out of service. In this case, it is strongly recommended to turn to the authorities in order to report a theft, and to contact your insurance.

Some information about the phone can be useful to find it easily:

  • The brand of the phone
  • The model of the phone
  • Its IMEI number
  • Time and date of the theft

In summary, what are the solutions in case of loss or theft of cell phone?

  • Use the geolocation applications provided by Apple for its iPhone or Google for its Android phones
  • Use unofficial external applications to locate your phone
  • Display a message or a phone number on the lost device in case someone finds it
  • Ringing the phone to check if its location is nearby
  • Contact the SIM card operator to limit potential problems in case of theft
  • Report the theft to the authorities and to the insurance company.

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