Actually, the Find My Android Device app helps you find your missing phone’s location. As a missing phone tracker and phone locator, the following lost telephone app will work. Find Missing Phone – All lost phone data can be erased and your lost mobile locked by having the location of the lost Android device.

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This is an anti-theft application that, if it is stolen, will allow you to find your missing phone. If your phone is missing and you can’t find it, this will help you find your lost phone on the map with my Android device app and show you the location of your lost device marker that will help you locate and locate the lost device.


  • Tracking the location of the missing phone: this is this application’s key function. Via this application, you can register and log in to locate the missing phone. Via this lost phone application, you can get the phone’s longitude and latitude. Knowing the exact longitude and latitude of your missing Android device, locate the location of the unit.
  • Lock your lost mobile: With this awesome feature of this program, known as Lost Phone – Find My Android Device, lock your lost device. Locking the Android device allows all details on that device to be secured easily. It functions as an anti-theft program that will make it easier for you to lock your computer and secure your missing device quickly. The Find My Android Device app actually helps you find the location of your lost phone. The Lost Phone app
  • Last trial: Last trial in which we can try to protect our device and we can also find your lost Android device.
  • Play ringtone in silent mode: This application will allow you to play the ringtone in silent mode. Even if your lost phone is in silent mode, it will start to ring no matter in which mode your lost phone is activated, this feature is also very important because sometimes we just don’t remember where our phone is and if it is in silent mode, then we can’t find it even by giving it a call, but this feature of lost phone ringtone in silent mode allows us to make the phone ring in silent mode.
  • Phone Alert Ring: Alert ring on the phone of your other phone on your lost device.
  • Erase Phone Data: You can easily erase all data from your lost device. Simply by sending a “delete” text message from the registered device.
  • Attractive interface: the user interface of our application is extremely great and easy to understand.

How to use it?

  • Register from a device that you can use as a backup or recovery source to find your lost Android device.
  • Now all you have to do is follow the instructions on our application.
  • After logging in, you will need to send the following commands to the lost phone to find it or use any other feature present in this application.
  • To get the exact longitude and latitude of the lost device, simply send a “location” text and you will know the exact longitude and latitude of the lost phone.
  • To lock your lost phone, simply send a “lock” message from your lost Android phone.
  • To get a silent ringtone, you also need to send a message to