For all cell phone operators, our location system is sufficient.

With our geolocation device, we are able to trace a cell phone (E.G. Samsung, Apple, Nokia, huawei, Sony, BlackBerry, etc)

If the chosen cell phone has internet connectivity, our Geolocation Technology Service is very reliable and available at WorlWide.

In accordance with the advice of the Information Commissioner’s Office, this service is provided. Geolocation will only be activated with the consent of the requested individual.

If the cell phone is switched off, the service cannot operate, but our location search will be activated as soon as the user turns his phone on. The applicant will also be informed of the geolocation and the time of detection of the position.

Our technology is implemented with a minimum margin of error once the person’s number is assigned to the interface. Our strength lies in our system’s accuracy. Once the desired mobile phone is located, its exact location will be obtained in the form of a mapping.

You are free to either apply anonymously for geolocation or to identify yourself. If you make an anonymous request, the person you are seeking will not be aware of the applicant’s identity. On the other hand, the person sought will be aware of the identity of the person who wishes to geolocate it in the event of an identified request. There will be no online exchange, and all data is handled by our geolocation service.