Samsung will finally remove ads in its applications

Samsung will finally remove ads in its applications

If you use a Samsung smartphone, then you may be familiar with the ads in some system applications. After spending more than 1,000 euros for a Galaxy S21+ or a Samsung foldable smartphone, it is of course very annoying. However, this annoying practice will come to an end as the manufacturer announced today that it will remove advertising in the affected apps. NextPit shows you which Samsung apps are affected.

  • Samsung to remove ads from its system apps
  • Ads were only introduced last year in apps like Samsung Music, Samsung Pay, etc.
  • This move is aimed at improving the user experience in the Galaxy ecosystem in the long run.

Last year, Samsung introduced ads in its applications. For example, even with a Galaxy S21 Ultra bought for more than 1000 euros, you had to deal with ads in apps like Samsung Pay, Samsung Music or Samsung’s weather app. Of course, this was not only a thorn in the side of many users, but it certainly drove people away from using Samsung’s apps.

Samsung understood this, as the manufacturer announced that it would remove the ads from its overlay, OneUI. According to Sammobile, Samsung’s “president and head of the mobile communications business” announced this information during an online conference. This decision is, among other things, a reaction to internal criticism.

The Galaxy ecosystem must be strengthened

Sammobile also told us that Samsung is looking to strengthen its Galaxy ecosystem. And since the ads in the applications have attracted a lot of criticism, the manufacturer is now looking for “new growth opportunities in the area of content services and advertising.” So it remains to be seen whether Samsung will integrate ads elsewhere in the interface to draw attention to its own services.

It is also quite possible that Samsung’s decision is a reaction to the decline in sales of Galaxy devices. Personally, however, I wonder if this is the right approach. Maybe it’s not the ads that are driving Samsung customers away, but the flagships without micro SD card support or other points of criticism we made in our tests of Samsung’s new flagships.

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