How to enable cookies on iPhone

How to enable cookies on iPhone

Whether you want to enable or disable cookies, here’s how to find the option in all major iPhone browsers.

Do you want to enable or disable cookies on your iPhone? You’re in luck. Most iPhone browsers allow you to quickly and easily enable the cookies option.

This way, you can keep cookies enabled when you want to use them and disable them when you don’t.

Let’s see how to enable and disable cookies in the most popular iPhone browsers.

What is a website cookie?

A website cookie is a small file that the website you visit places in your browser. This file allows the website to recognize you as a user, which helps the site deliver more relevant content to you.

A cookie is the reason you start to see the content you are most interested in when you visit a website multiple times.

How to enable or disable cookies in Safari on an iPhone

Safari for iPhone has a simple toggle to enable and disable cookies. You can access this option as follows:

  1. Open the Application Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down and tap on the Safari option.
  3. You will see an option that says Block all cookies.
  4. Enable this option to disable all cookies in Safari.
  5. Disable the toggle if you want to enable cookies in Safari on your iPhone.

How to enable or disable cookies in Chrome on an iPhone

Google Chrome for iOS has cookies enabled by default, and you can’t change this option. If you want to disable them, you have to find other ways to stop Google from tracking you instead.

You can, however, clear cookies in Chrome if you want to. The following shows how to do this if you’re interested:

  1. Launch Chrome on your iPhone.
  2. Press the three dots to open Chrome’s menu and tap Settings .
  3. Tap Privacy on the resulting screen.
  4. Select Clear Browsing Data.
  5. Choose a time range from the Time Range menu, check Cookies , Site Data and tap Clear Browsing Data at the bottom.
  6. This will delete your Chrome cookies from your iPhone.
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