Easy Guide: Applications to locate a person's phone

Easy Guide: Applications to locate a person’s phone

You’ve lost your smartphone or you want to keep an eye on your kids. Find out how to locate your phone

Locating someone without them knowing is useful in many situations. You may need to check on your child’s whereabouts to ensure their safety. Locating a cell phone without authorization is a great solution for people who are unsure of their spouse.  This feature is effective in case the smartphone is lost or stolen.

This type of application for locating a person is also used for wrongdoing. Malicious people use it to commit various criminal activities on their target. From a legal point of view, the use of an application to locate a person without their knowledge is only allowed for parental control.

How to track someone’s phone without their knowledge via official tools?

At the rate at which the latest Apple and Android smartphones are sold, it is better not to lose them or have them stolen inadvertently. If this is the case, there is a recourse on both sides to locate your precious cell phone.

Below we detail two official methods to locate a cell phone without needing prior authorization on iPhone and Android.

Using the “Find My iPhone” feature for iOS

Apple has developed a built-in tool for its iPhones called “Find My iPhone”. Here is how to use this feature to locate a lost smartphone or your child’s cell phone. Launch the “Find My iPhone” application on a cell phone. You can also access it from the Apple iCloud manager on your browser.

You will need to log in with your credentials or those of the target person. You will select the “Devices” tab. Once you select the device, you will be able to see its location on a map. If you select “Directions”, you will be able to access its location in the “Maps” section.

If the battery of the cell phone to be located is discharged or if the device is turned off, you will unfortunately only have access to its last location.

This feature also allows you to make the iPhone ring. To do this, you will select the “Devices” tab again. Then you choose the smartphone you want to ring, then you click on “Ring”. However, if you are not connected to the network, the device will not ring.

The “Find My iPhone” feature also offers the possibility to find a lost iPhone. To do this, once the “Devices” tab is selected, you will choose the iPhone that is lost. In the drop-down menu, you will have to select “lost” and then “activate”. This option allows you to send a message to the person who found the cell phone.

Using the “Find My Device” feature on Android

Android users can use the built-in “Find My Device” feature. To activate this feature, you will need to access the following address: https://www.google.com/android/find from your web browser. To find the phone, you will log in with the email and password for that account.

You will then select the phone and activate the “Find My Device” function. The location will be displayed on a map. This location cannot be determined if the cell phone is not connected to the Internet.

“Find My Device also allows you to lock the device if necessary. In addition, you can set a recovery phone number and send a message to the lost or stolen phone.

The best applications to track a phone without authorization

We have established a list of the 3 major applications to track a phone, without the need to have an authorization. These applications are to be considered in a security context and especially for children with a smartphone.

1- mSpy

msPy is the best surveillance application available on the market today. This spy software, specialized in online parental control, allows you to track and monitor all your child’s online activities.

You can monitor all incoming and outgoing calls as well as received, sent and deleted SMS. This software has an advanced geolocation feature that allows you to determine in real time the person’s routes on a map and the history of their movements. mSpy includes a geofencing option to delineate safe and risky areas for your child.

2- Flexispy

Flexispy is a monitoring application similar to mSpy, but with less performance. Its geolocation feature is not as well developed. It only allows you to view the location of the phone on a map that you can download to your smartphone.


Hoverwatch also has a GPS location feature. However, its performance is not as advanced as that of mSpy. From a general point of view, it allows you to locate the third-party device on a map.


After several tests, we found mSpy to be the most advanced surveillance application for locating a person without them realizing it. Its geolocation features provide a real-time overview of the movements and location of the cell phone.

It is extremely useful to have such an application for one’s children, as no one is safe from what may happen. Many young people are victims of various abuses or rackets in schools. It is therefore a way to get information and evidence if the problems go far.

With social networks we are also under various addictive influences that can cause other problems. So if it is important to have a smartphone for a child, it is also useful to be able to control him without necessarily trying to spy on all his actions. It is necessary to see the security aspect before all! After that, everyone is free to make their own choices.


How to enable cookies on iPhone

How to enable cookies on iPhone

Whether you want to enable or disable cookies, here’s how to find the option in all major iPhone browsers.

Do you want to enable or disable cookies on your iPhone? You’re in luck. Most iPhone browsers allow you to quickly and easily enable the cookies option.

This way, you can keep cookies enabled when you want to use them and disable them when you don’t.

Let’s see how to enable and disable cookies in the most popular iPhone browsers.

What is a website cookie?

A website cookie is a small file that the website you visit places in your browser. This file allows the website to recognize you as a user, which helps the site deliver more relevant content to you.

A cookie is the reason you start to see the content you are most interested in when you visit a website multiple times.

How to enable or disable cookies in Safari on an iPhone

Safari for iPhone has a simple toggle to enable and disable cookies. You can access this option as follows:

  1. Open the Application Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down and tap on the Safari option.
  3. You will see an option that says Block all cookies.
  4. Enable this option to disable all cookies in Safari.
  5. Disable the toggle if you want to enable cookies in Safari on your iPhone.

How to enable or disable cookies in Chrome on an iPhone

Google Chrome for iOS has cookies enabled by default, and you can’t change this option. If you want to disable them, you have to find other ways to stop Google from tracking you instead.

You can, however, clear cookies in Chrome if you want to. The following shows how to do this if you’re interested:

  1. Launch Chrome on your iPhone.
  2. Press the three dots to open Chrome’s menu and tap Settings .
  3. Tap Privacy on the resulting screen.
  4. Select Clear Browsing Data.
  5. Choose a time range from the Time Range menu, check Cookies , Site Data and tap Clear Browsing Data at the bottom.
  6. This will delete your Chrome cookies from your iPhone.

15 essential tips to become a real iphone magician

You think you know everything about your iPhone?

Well, I assure you don’t!

The phone with the little apple on the back is full of great little tricks… …that even the most seasoned users don’t suspect. But since I’m being nice, I’m going to unveil all the tips and tricks, shortcuts and hidden functions.

Discover 15 new tricks to become a real iPhone wizard

Customize the Control Center

The iPhone Control Center is set up by default with certain features. Well, you can customize it to your liking very easily.

Go to “Settings” and tap “Control Center”. In this menu, select the features you want to add to the control center by pressing the green “+” icon. Conversely, if you want to remove any, press the red “-” icon.

Practice adding the “Save screen” function so that you can do tip

Record what you see on the screen

If you have followed point #1 of our article, the “Record Screen” function is added to your control center. To make sure, open it by sliding your finger down to the right with an iPhone that has Face ID or up with an iPhone that has Touch ID.

A save button is now present in the control center. Just press it to start registering your screen. With this little feature, you can record everything you do on your iPhone. When you want to stop recording your screen, tap the red bar at the top.

Hide your private photos

All the photos you take with the iPhone are stored in the photo application. But when you open this application, the photos appear in full view of everyone. Not great if you want to keep a little privacy or hide sensitive photos (bank documents, photos that are a bit naked, etc.).

Fortunately, there is a little trick to hide them easily. Open the Photos application and select the video or photo you want to hide. Touch the “Shared” icon and select “Hide” from the options (scroll down the menu if necessary to see this option appear). You will then be asked to confirm whether you want to hide the photo or video and you are done. The photo no longer appears anywhere in your photo application. If you want to view it or put it back in your album, go back to the photo application and press “Hide”. Hidden photos appear in this menu. Just tap the “Shared” icon and then tap “Show” and the photos return to your classic album.

Close three applications at once

Personally, I find it super annoying to have to close open applications one by one. Well, did you know that you can close 3 applications at the same time to save time?! Make several applications appear at the same time (double-click the “Home” button or scan the screen from the bottom to the middle) and use 3 fingers to drag the applications up. This saves you precious time. Discover the trick here.

Ask Siri to read your e-mails aloud

Activate Siri in Settings and say “Siri, read me my new e-mails”. The PDA will then read your new e-mails aloud. And you can also use this trick to read messages by saying “Siri, read me my messages”.

Siri hasn’t finished surprising us yet! Very useful in the morning to discover her new e-mails and have breakfast at the same time.

Easily correct a mistake in a message with the Trackpad

Everybody knows what a Trackpad is? It’s the tactile keyboard that replaces the mouse on laptops. The Trackpad makes navigating through text much easier.

Well, did you know that you can turn the classic iPhone keyboard into a Trackpad? When the keyboard is displayed, press and hold the space key for 2 or 3 seconds. The classic keyboard will then give way to the Trackpad. You can now navigate on text as if you were using a mouse. Essential to easily correct a mistake on a message, an e-mail or any text!

Create customized vibrations based on alerts

The vibrations of your iPhone are fully customizable!

Go to “Settings”, then tap “Sounds and Vibrations”. In this menu, select the “Sound patterns and vibration sequences” that you want to modify. For example, choose “Ringtone”. You will see “Vibration” at the top; click on it. Now just go to the banner (at the bottom of the menu) and press “Create Vibration”.

Very useful if you want to create a subtle vibration for certain messages you receive.

Create a password with letters instead of numbers

You thought until now that the lock codes of the iPhone had to be in numbers? Well, they don’t! To include a combination of letters in your code, go to “Settings” and select “Touch ID or Face ID and code”. Enter your current lock code and choose “Change Code”. Re-enter the lock code, select “Code Options” and finally “Personal Alphanumeric Code”. You can then choose your letter/number combination to further secure the access code.

Shake the iPhone to erase the text you just typed

Want to impress the iPhone-addict sphere with a little known trick? To erase text on any screen, just shake your iPhone. Useful, fast and hyper clever isn’t it? And if you finally want to make it reappear, shake it again and everything comes back as if by magic.

Use the Sleep app to go to bed at the right time

You want to have your sleep count and not be disturbed during your night? Your iPhone can help!

Go to the “Health” app, select “Set Sleep” and set the number of hours you want to sleep each night. The application will then tell you what time you need to go to bed and will set the time you want to wake up.

It will also give you lots of tips to sleep better! At the chosen bedtime, the iPhone will also set up some useful options. For example, it will turn down the brightness and go into “Do not disturb” mode automatically. 45 min before bedtime, the iPhone will even reduce all activities for a “Return to Calm”.

Use the flash to know that you have received a message

A rather nice trick to use when you want to remain discreet and not have ringing or vibrations. If you want your phone’s flash to turn on at certain times during a call or message, do this.

Go to “Settings”, select “Accessibility” and press “Audio/Visual”. At the very bottom of the list, activate “Flash LED for alerts”. From now on, when you receive a call, message or other alerts, your phone will flash!

Program a reminder when you leave from a specific location

Have you been instructed to bring home bread every night when you get home from work? The problem is that you keep forgetting to buy it! Set yourself an automatic reminder. It’s amazingly efficient. For example, I want a “Buy Bread” reminder to be displayed on my phone every day of the week when I leave work. Open the “Reminder” application on your iPhone and press the “+” at the bottom of the screen. Name the reminder “Buy Bread” and then tap “Detail” to set when and under what conditions the reminder should occur. Press “Date” to set which day the reminder should be issued and “Place” to indicate when the reminder should be issued. You will never forget to buy your bread again.

It’s your spouse who will be happy!

Take a picture with the volume button

You certainly know this trick, but it’s so handy that it would be a shame to miss it. When you take horizontal photos with the iPhone, click on the volume button + or – to trigger the photo. This way, you don’t have to twist your finger to reach the button that allows you to take a picture.

Use the camera as a magnifying glass

Did you know that the camera on your iPhone can turn into a magnifying glass?

Very handy when your eyesight is failing…

Go to “Settings” then “Accessibility”. Select “Loupe” and activate the button. If you have an iPhone X or later, click 3 times on the side button to activate it. If you have an iPhone 8 or earlier, click 3 times on the “ID button”. You can then zoom in on anything, your screen now acting as a magnifying glass!

Do-it-yourself: use the iPhone level to make sure everything is straight

Do you hang a painting on the wall? And you want to make sure the painting is straight? Take out your iPhone and open the application called “Measurements”. Then click on the “Level” tab to display the built-in level. Move your iPhone from left to right until the level displays 0. If it does, the screen will turn green. Convenient for Sunday handymen!

Bonus: record your videos in 4K

You probably don’t know it, but all iPhone after the 6S model have the ability to take videos in 4K! You just have to activate the setting, because it is not active by default.

Go to “Settings”, choose “Cameras” and “record a video”. From there you can choose the 4K video resolution for your great videos.

Be careful though, 4K takes up a lot of memory space and battery power, so use the option sparingly.

Now it’s your turn…

Have you tried our 16 iPhone tips? Tell us if it worked for you. We look forward to hearing from you! Do you like this tip? Share it with your friends on Facebook.

Man with phone and map

How to track a phone for free using IMEI

You suspect someone and want to track their phone? But you’re unable to grab their phone out of their hands? Exhausted by all this secrecy, you finally decide to follow him using the IMEI number of his phone.

Such technology was once complex and difficult for ordinary people to use. Not anymore!

How do I track a phone using its IMEI number?

It’s easier than you think! There is an inexpensive application you can use that connects to the phone automatically and secretly. It detects and extracts the IMEI number of the cell phone by simply entering the phone number of the device into the application. Once the remote connection is established, the application collects data such as text messages, call data, photos, videos, Facebook messages and more. It also uses the phone’s IMEI number to track its location as long as the application remains connected to the device.

What is the IMEI number?

Every phone, unless forged, has an International Mobile Station Identity (IMEI). It is a 15-digit number that is specific and unique to the cell phone. Similar to cell phone spyware, it can be used to find a phone when it is lost or stolen.

How do I find my IMEI number?

The location of your IMEI number may differ depending on the mobile device you have. Below are detailed instructions on how to find your IMEI on an iPhone and Android device.

Find your IMEI on an iPhone :

Step 1: Go to Settings

Step 2: Click on General

Step 3: Click on About

Step 4: Scroll down to IMEI and write down your number

Find your IMEI on an Android (Method 1) :

Step 1: Check the IMEI on the back of your cell phone. If it is not there, you must follow the steps below.

Step 2: Go to Settings.

Step 3: Scroll down to About Phone.

Step 4: Enter the IMEI number that appears.

Find your IMEI on an Android (Method 2) :

Step 1: Turn off your cell phone.

Step 2: Remove the battery cover and battery.

Step 3: Search for the IMEI inside your phone and copy it.

Step 4: If not, simply remember to dial the code *#06# on your phone keypad and press the call key, the IMEI number should then be displayed.

woman track phone

How to locate your cell phone using IMEI

1/ Contact the police

It would be wise to contact the police if your smartphone has been stolen. Give them your IMEI phone number, and law enforcement should be able to retrieve it for you.

2/ Ask your cell phone provider

If you have lost your cell phone, you can ask your provider to find it for you (Orange, SFR, etc.). Just give them the IMEI of your smartphone to search for.

3/ Using an IMEI tracking application

There are many IMEI tracking applications for cell phones that you can use to locate your device. With most of these applications, you simply enter your IMEI number and it can find your device. One of the best for Android and iPhone is IMEI Tracker.

Knowing your IMEI number can certainly help you in case your smartphone is lost or stolen.

How to use the IMEI Tracker application

Step 1: Search “IMEI tracker” in Google Play, find “AntiTheft App & IMEI Tracker All Phone Location” on your phone. Make sure your phone is running Android 4.4 or higher. Then start installing the application.

Step 2: After the installation is complete, launch the application. Give all permissions that the IMEI tracking application asks for, including contacts, calls, storage, SMS and location. In case you need to track your phone, all these permissions will be required to activate all features.

Step 3: Press “Continue” to continue after watching a short commercial. This free IMEI tracking application is great, but the problem is that it contains ads that you need to watch. Unfortunately, you can’t skip the ads, and if the video hasn’t loaded yet, you won’t be able to proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Enter the IMEI number of your Android phone, verify your entry, then press “Track”. A small window with a list of locations will appear, showing the location and proximity of your phone.

Using the IMEI number to track a phone is not the only function of IMEI Tracker. There are also some important anti-theft features that you will be able to see.


A recent study shows that 90 million phones are lost each year. Without a SIM card, GPS location or Internet access, it may seem like everything is lost when your phone disappears. But did you know that you can use the IMEI number to track your lost Android phone?


What should you do if your cell phone is stolen?

– Immediately notify your telephone operator so that they can block your cell phone from being used.

SIM card and thus the use of your phone line.

– File a complaint with a police station or a police brigade.

gendarmerie. Communicate the unique identity number of your cell phone.

(IMEI code). The police department or gendarmerie unit will transmit it by

electronic way to your operator so that the use of the telephone is

blocked. Your mobile becomes unusable.

Why file a complaint?

Filing a complaint is a citizen’s initiative. It makes it possible to bring to the attention of the public

of justice a crime that has been committed. If the perpetrator is apprehended, he or she is liable to prosecution.

may be judged for his act.

Moreover, by filing a complaint and communicating your IMEI code, you allow to

make your phone unusable. The latter then loses all value, making your phone useless.

Theft and concealment are of interest.

Where to find your IMEI code?

– on the phone’s packaging box ;

– on the back of the mobile, under the battery;

– on the service contract;

– on the mobile by typing on the keyboard *#06# ;

– by contacting your operator.

The public authorities have taken new measures. What are they?

Previously, in order to block the telephone box, the victim of a theft had to

send a copy of his complaint to his operator. A large proportion of people do not

did not do so because they had no direct interest in it, their line being already blocked.

Coming into force on March 16, 2011, the orientation and programming law for the

Homeland Security Performance Project (LOPPSI) now provides that the

gendarmerie and police as soon as they register a complaint transmit the data

IMEI of the telephone stolen from the operator (Article 42). The latter has the obligation to proceed

to blocking within 4 days.

On what technical principles is the ban on the use of cell phones based stolen is it based?

The mobile operators have created a common database that lists the

identified phones that have been reported stolen.

At each request to connect to a network, the mobile operator therefore checks that the

IMEI number of the phone that wants to connect to its network has not been registered

in the database of phones reported stolen.

– If the IMEI number is not entered, the connection is established normally.

– If the IMEI number has been reported stolen and registered in the base, the connection is refused.

No incoming or outgoing communication can be established.

Network checks are performed for all types of customer use, both voice and data.

as SMS/MMS and mobile data.

The operators feed the database once a day, which centralizes, at the

international, all IMEI codes of stolen mobiles.

53 mobile operators in dozens of countries are involved in the management of the stolen cell phones. of this base.

Does this device also work in MVNOs?

Mobiles reported stolen from MVNOs also

known by the acronym MVNO for Mobile Virtual Network Operator, are

included in the base. Indeed, MVNOs validate the IMEI numbers of mobiles that

have been stolen from them and transmit them to their host operator, who supplies power to the base for

their account.

What is the delay between the victim’s complaint and the actual blocking of the use of the account?

of the stolen cell phone on all French mobile networks?

As soon as it is notified by the security forces, the operator has a legal deadline of

four working days to register the IMEI in the common database.

The block is then effective.

The important thing is that the victim of a robbery files a complaint so that the police forces

can transmit the official declaration to the operator concerned.

Has the CNIL been consulted to validate this cell phone blocking process?

stolen from a common base?

Yes, even if the file does not contain any sensitive information (not

personal information, but only stolen cell phone numbers).

The National Commission for Data Processing and Liberties, which had been consulted by

police services, confirmed that the base was in line with its recommendations to

protection of personal data, as imposed by the Data Protection Act and freedoms.

What is the situation in other European countries?

Operators who are members of the Global Mobile Operators Association (GSMA)

have set up a similar system and enter the IMEI codes of stolen cell phones into the

the international base. A large majority of the countries of the European Union (EU)

adhere to the GSMA process and can block mobiles reported stolen from their homes at

from the international base.

Note however that the blocking of mobiles registered in the base only works

on the territory of the mobile operator to whom the report was transmitted. A mobile

stolen and blocked in France can therefore unfortunately be used in another country.

Aware of this gap in the system, the French Federation of Telecoms

is currently working with the GSMA to extend the blocking of declared cell phones.

stolen internationally.

Can the IMEI number be changed by the thief to unlock the phone?

The IMEI number is very difficult to change on a cell phone. If some cases of

cracking exist, they are the work of hackers, well known for their ability to

equipped. These cases are therefore very rare.

Mobile operators, especially French ones, through the French Federation of the

Télécoms, are very vigilant on this subject. A watch allows to identify regularly

the cell phones most affected by attempts to crack their IMEI, and

to ask the manufacturers concerned to take appropriate countermeasures.

This watch has been bearing fruit for several years, given the steady decline in the

number of so-called “crackable” phones.

Can individuals verify that a phone has been reported stolen?

No. In accordance with the declarations made to the CNIL, the common database

is not open to consultation by individuals. It is therefore not possible to

an individual for example to consult blocked IMEI numbers.

There is evidence that some people have experienced problems, for example on sites with

auctions, buying phones that don’t work and look stolen.

You should be cautious when being offered the purchase of a used phone.

If it turns out that the phone is stolen and blocked, report it to the security forces.

Locate a mobile phone for free, some indisputable tricks

Until I had my mobile phone stolen a few days ago, I had never understood why it was so important, even primordial, to take measures to protect my mobile phone so that it could be easily found if it was lost.

You’ve certainly understood people telling you that it was possible to locate a mobile phone for free and find it easily, and they’re not wrong.

There are two reasons why you might want to read this article: you have lost your mobile phone and would like to find it or you simply want to take preventive measures.

Chances are that you are concerned about the case of theft. Whatever the reason for your presence, the most important thing is that you are at the right address. You will be able to find your mobile phone. Preventive and curative measures that will allow you to trace your mobile easily throughout the world.

Please keep in mind that this article is not intended to help you take control of your mobile phone remotely, but rather to inform you about its geographical location. For remote control of a mobile phone, you can refer to this publication which explains how to hack a phone. You will find a good number of bugs.

I share with you in this article, 5 tips that really make it possible to locate a smartphone and find it wherever it is. Below, you have the list of the different methods to track a phone.

1- Locate someone thanks to mobile phone data

You are constantly monitored by your operator. Do you know how the operator spies on you? You will have understood it, it is thanks to your phone number.  How does it work? It is possible thanks to the GSM network.

Indeed, your mobile in the presence of a telephone network transmits and receives signals that the relay antennas use to communicate with the satellite. Several services for locating your mobile by number work in close collaboration with mobile phone operators.

As long as your phone is switched on and covered by an operator’s network, they can help you locate it easily. One solution in case of loss is to contact your operator directly to help you find it.

It is also possible to locate a mobile phone for free thanks to the number without having to go through your operator. This solution, although preventive, works very well.

It is a question here of collecting information that will allow us to find the phone through the Internet. How does it work?

You must proceed to a triangulation which is done with the following information: the Cell Cell Id (CID), the Location Area Code (LAC), the Mobile Contry Code (MCC) and the Mobile Network Code (MNC).

This information is obtained through the Cellid Info application. It can be downloaded via the link below.


Once the application has been downloaded, you must open it if you have an internet connection and accept the permissions that the application requires to function normally.  Then, retrieve the information listed above.

Once in possession of this information, go to the site so the link is given below to proceed to the localization.


On the site, enter the information requested in the order and then click on “Track it”. You will then see the location of the phone on a Google Map.

Tip: Enlarge the map and then click on “Directions”. In the start field, enter your position to view the route to the location of the mobile phone.  If you are on foot, click on the foot-tone icon.

This method works for any type of phone, regardless of the brand. On iphone the Cell-ID Info application is also available.

2- How to find a mobile phone thanks toIMEI

The Internaltional Mobile Equipment Identity is the “DNA” of your phone or “its identity card”. This number, which is obtained by dialling *#06#, contains a large amount of information that makes it easy to identify a phone.

This is a very important preventive measure. It is therefore strongly recommended that you note it down as soon as you purchase your phone. You can also find it on the back of your phone by lifting the battery.

If you have taken your IMEI code and you wish to recover your stolen phone, you simply need to contact your mobile operator who will be able to assist you better.

All the thief has to do is make a call with another sim card from the operator to be detected. During the call, the IMEI code is displayed and thanks to this code the thief can be tracked. In short, this code allows mobile operators to identify the phone and control it via the GSM network.

3- The developer of the OS helps you in tracking

Developers of mobile operating systems give users the possibility to find the location of the mobile phone. Depending on the installed system, the location conditions will be different. But on the other hand, the possible actions to be performed on the located mobile will be almost similar.

Once the phone is located, you could either ring it to see if it’s nearby, lock it remotely, or completely erase the data on it.  The systems involved are Android, iOS, Windows for mobile Windowsphone, and Blackberry.

Tracking an android phone

For Android-enabled phones, Google gives you the ability to track your phone wherever it is. But you must first activate the android device manager. This feature is not enabled by default. Depending on the brands, the action may be a little bit different. But the logic remains the same. You have to go to “Settings”, “Security”, then “Device Admin” and check the box below “Android Device Manager” at the end.

Now that this function is active, you can go to the Google Device Manager site for the location of the mobile. Go to the android device manger site.

To use the service, you need to sign in with a Google Account. This is the gmail account required when using services such as the Google App Store( Play Store). It is with this account that you will log in to the “Google find my phone” site.

Once logged on the site, accept the terms of use if this is the first time. You will then be able to track your mobile, make it ring or lock it by indicating the message that will be displayed on the lost phone, followed by the phone number where you can be reached.

That’s it! Now you know how to locate an android phone with Google and find it easily. The position can be approximate, but at least you’ll have a fixed idea of the radius in which the phone is located.

Trace an iPhone

The easiest way to find an iPhone or iPad is through the iCloud account. Your laptop on iOs needs an Apple account to download applications via the App Store. This account associated with your phone is the one that is used as your iCloud account.

To locate your iPhone, you just need to follow this link: Click here to locate your iPhone. Once on the site, click on “login” at the bottom of “find your lost device”.

Enter your Apple account information. You will then see all your mobiles and can then have the exact location and do additional actions as with Google Device Manager (make it ring, …).

Although there are other methods and applications to find an iPhone, this one is more reliable, because here you don’t need to install anything on the mobile.

Trace a Windows Phone

As always, you must follow the same logic. If you’ve misplaced your Windows Phone or forgotten it somewhere and don’t remember where it is, you don’t need to panic right away! Microsoft gives you the weapons to go after your smartphone.

For the service to be functional, you must activate the locate my phone option which will allow the authors of its operating system to follow it anywhere in the world.

The next step is to go to the official Microsoft website and log in with your Windows Live ID account (Microsoft Account). Apart from locating your phone, you will be able to overwrite its contents, lock it and much more. For more details on the procedure, follow this article which explains very well how to locate a Windows Phone.

Track a BlackBerry Mobile

What is the procedure for finding a lost BlackBerry phone? BlackBerry proctect is the solution you use when you lose your BB phone. It only works if the application is installed and configured on the lost phone. In some phones, the application is already present. If it is not, you must add it manually.

If the application has been downloaded and installed, in case of loss, you can go to the BB proctect platform via the following link: http://protect.blackberry.com/ . Once on the site, you must log in with your BlackBerry ID.

Being in your account, in the manager of your phone, you have the option to delete your sensitive data if you think you can no longer find your phone, make it ring, or be fixed on its position. For more information, you can read this article.

4- Installing a tracker on the mobile phone

Yes, it is perfectly possible to install a tracker on your own or someone else’s laptop for tracking. The reasons can be various. The installation of a tracker makes it possible for example to follow your children, in this case the use is family. But more than that, it allows you to track a mobile phone in case it is lost.

A spyware application or a snitch is the name given to this type of mobile software. Its operation is simple. Once installed, you can completely hide the traces of the application in the home page. Except you will know that it exists, which avoids uninstalling it since its presence will remain secret.

The role of the application is therefore to collect information such as the location of the mobile, call history, audio recordings of calls made, SMS and messages on social networks, etc..  This information is transmitted to the software developer’s servers whenever there is an internet connection and you can retrieve it at any time via your account.

Bugs, there are a large number of them on the market. You will find free and paid ones. As an example you have: FamilyWall, Zenly, mobipast, Geozilla.

For my part, I recommend mobipast which is optimized for mobile phone geolocation.

5- The smartphone manufacturer helps you in its geo-localization

Another way to find your phone is to turn to the manufacturer. The major mobile phone manufacturers such as Samsung and Sony include very advanced tracking features. All you have to do is create an account and configure it in your mobile phone to be able to geolocate it via the manufacturer’s official website.

In this article, we’ve taken the example of three brands of phones that allow you to track your mobile wherever it is. These are the brands Samsung, Sony and Htc.

Find a Samsung device

Just lost your Samsung mobile? Stay calm. You still have a chance to find it. One-time condition, have set up a Samsung account on the device and have activated the tracking option. You are a careful person and have performed these manipulations? Simply go to the official website to geolocate your phone.

How to set up a Samsung account on your device? Simply go to “Settings” then “Lock and security screen”.

In the new tab, select the option “Mobile tracking.

On the next page, create an account or simply add your Samsung account if you already have one. Once the account is added, check the “Remote Control” box.

All you have to do is go to Find My Mobile Samsung to track your phone and protect your data.

Find an HTC phone

And if my stolen phone is a Htc brand, what should I do?  Same logic as in the previous example, except that here we use HtcSence.

The first step is to activate the phone search function on your HTC, if it is not by default. Then, you must go to the site HtcSense.com.

On the Htc site, you have a complete guide on how to use HtcSense . To know more about it,

Find a Sony device

Finally, here’s how to find a Sony brand phone. Sony’s location service requires the use of a Google Account. It’s called Protection by my Xperia. Again, you need to have location enabled and have a Gmail account.

For more details on how to geo-locate a Sony device, please read the official website’s explanation of how Protection by my Xperia works.

There’s really no magic formula for locating a mobile phone. The methods detailed above are essential and sufficient to find your phone. Don’t get scammed by online sites that ask unreasonable amounts of money to geolocate a mobile phone.

This article I wanted to be as complete as possible to help you find any phone. I really hope it has been useful to you. And if it did, please share it with others and leave your questions if you think you need any assistance.


3 Ways to Spy on a Phone without Touching It

Spying on a cell phone is, from a moral point of view, not ethical. However, you may need to do this, in some cases. Is it ethical for a parent to monitor the activities of their kids? Yes, they can (legally and ethically) set parental controls on their children’s iPhone. Is it ethical for a business owner to monitor company phones? Yes, you’re getting paid to work and your boss expects results, not playing Fortnite on the company device during work time! There are a number of situations in which you may need to spy on a cell phone, like child monitoring, employee tracking, spouse monitoring, boyfriend/ girlfriend monitoring..

Too often on the internet we only find one way to spy on a mobile phone, yet there is not just one solution. Installing software is not the only option. The purpose of this article is to offer you a more global and ultimately more impartial look at the different ways of spying on a mobile phone.

How to spy on a phone?

1- Install spyware on the phone

It’s the most popular and easiest way to spay a cell phone. This kind of software is adaptable to all models: from iPhone to Android. It is an effective means and the first choice for those who want a complete spy:

  • Know all the phone calls
  • Read all the messages on social networks
  • Know the GPS-position of the person
  • Know all his contacts
  • See the photos and videos the device contains

Our test on Mspy

Mspy allows you to spy on a laptop without having the mobile device in hand. The app works by transmitting data from the phone remotely to your tablet, computer or smartphone. Call duration, messages, Twitter, GPS positions and other data: it’s all there. We tested the application and the result of our discovery leaves us speechless!

We connected to a laptop while staying in the same office as the phone. Mspy has recovered every piece of data from the phone, from text messages to social networks, including images and nicknames. The “camera theft” function allows you to steal videos and images, while we are watching in real time the applications it launched and how it used the internet!

At one point, on my smartphone, I entered a keyword of which I wanted to be alerted if it was used by Benoît’s smartphone. I entered the keyword “dating” and asked Benoît to connect to an online dating site. As soon as Benoît used this keyword to go on the internet, I was immediately notified of this use!

Without having laptop in hand, we were able to know almost all of phone activities, during the time that we stayed connected. We were able to see the photos he was taking, his Facebook messages and his exact GPS position. It doesn’t matter if we were nearby or miles away: Mspy reacted the same way without paying attention to the distance which separated us. Mspy is the fastest of all software in its class, and also the most reliable since it has been on the market since 2010.

How to record the voice

Another spy software, Hoverwatch, is specialized in voice recording: it is one of the only ones to spy on voice and telephone conversation, and can also remotely trigger the microphone of the phone to listen. environmental.

2- Read the SIM card using a card reader

Another option for practicing this cell phone spying is the use of a SIM card reader. This is hardware that looks like a USB memory stick, but into which you insert the SIM card of the targeted phone. This implies that you must be able to grasp it. Then you plug this key into the USB port of your computer and you will have access to:

  • to written messages deleted by the user
  • to telephone communication logs

It is not as complete as spyware, but it works!


No third party software is used in the device. You just need to know how to remove a SIM card from a mobile phone.


This does not work with phones that do not have a mobile SIM card.

The price is approaching 200 euros.

Finally, you only get the information that is contained in a SIM card: namely only phone contacts and text messages, but in no way what is contained in smartphone applications (social networks and others).

3- An online telephone number inversion service

By that I mean the websites you find that offer you to enter a phone number in exchange for payment. They then give you the identity and contact details of the owner of the number in question. This lets you know who is calling the person you are targeting, or who they are calling, another way to spy on a cell phone.

If the number you’re researching is a landline number, some services like the yellow pages give you the identity for free. In the case of a mobile phone, the service in most cases becomes chargeable.


Discreet service, the spied-on number never knows that they are researching him.


Some services cannot find the correspondent if it is a number starting with 09 (number assigned directly by an ISP via the Internet)

This service is dependent on directories, from which it is possible to unsubscribe

Top 10 Best Locator Phone Number, Anti theft and Find My Phone apps For Android

The worst thing that can happen to each of us, or more specially to person who might be suffering of Nomophobia (a contraction of No mobile phone phobia), is when his device has been lost or stolen. Losing his phone can be a dreadful experience to all of us. It isn’t just a pain, it’s a huge security risk. Nobody wants to lose their phone regardless if he was suffering of Nomophobia or no.

Anyway, you have to stay calm and just follow my guidelines and you will be fine. We’ve got 10 great locate a phone apps (Just for Androids) that can help you get your device back or at least recover data from the lost or stolen device.

There are numerous Android apps available in in the Google Play Store which can be used to locate and track the Android Smartphone which are lost or stolen. But today we have chosen for you 10 of them, the most popular apps which can be used to track down lost or misplaced Android device.

You can also track a phone location online for free.

Note: We highly recommend reporting the police your phone stolen. Don’t risk yourself for a phone.

1- Find My Device by Google

Price: Free

Find My Device is a Google app that allows you locate your lost or stolen Android phone. It can locate your device within a certain distance. You can track your phone on a map. When Google Maps isn’t sure about current location, you’ll see the last known location.

Find My Device also allows you ring your phone. Once you click on the ring button your device will ring at full volume, even if your device is on silent. Worst case, you can erase the device or lock it with a custom message.

This app is completely free with no in-app purchases or advertising.

2- Where’s My Droid

Price: Free with in-app purchases

When your phone goes stolen, with Where’s My Droid you can send a code via text that make the phone ring, even if your device is set in silent mode. And you will receive the GPS coordinates of your phone. You can also control your phone by connecting it to a web-based interface. You can use GPS to find your device’s location on a map and track its movements.

Where’s My Droid offers a Pro version which allow lock your phone from anywhere to keep your data safe or remote wipe the app to save your personal information from misuse. It’s lets also take pictures with the camera

3- Cerberus Phone Security (Antitheft)

Price: Free trial, subscription required

Cerberus Phone Security is another third-party anti-theft app for Android. The three main ways that Cerberus Phone Security provides users with a remote control options via the web portal, such as locking the device, sounding an audible alarm, displaying a text message.

Cerberus Phone Security can locate and track your device, start an alarm, lock your device, and wipe all the memory (Internal and external). It can also take photos and record videos of the person who has stole your device, and upload them to the cloud for you.

You can enjoy a 7 days free trial. After that, you need to sign up for $5 per year for pro version

4- Lost Android

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Lost Android is a significant app with a diverse collection of features for locating your lost device.


  • Read SMS’es from your phone and send them to your email
  • Pop up messages on the phone
  • Start alarm with flashing screen from your PC
  • Find the location of your phone on a map
  • Lock and unlock the phone from the web
  • Get call list
  • Record sound from microphone
  • Erase SD card
  • Wipe phone
  • And various other features

5- Life360 – Family Locator, GPS Tracker

Price: Free, $5 monthly for premium

Life360 is a family locator gps tracker that let you stay in sync with your family members.
You create a circle of your family members and invite them to join the group. Once accepted, each member appears as an icon on a private map so you can show their location accurately.

It let you know when they have reached certain locations or when they are arrived or left at a particular places. You don’t need to check your phone every time Life360 send you alerts when your family arrives at a designed location!


  • Create family members groups to track location
  • Communicate without using text messages
  • It can help locate stolen or lost devices

6- T-Mobile FamilyWhere

Price: Free trial, subscription required

This is a T-Mobile lost phone tracker. You can use FamilyWhere for FREE for 30 days. After the trial ends, there’s a monthly subscription for $10/month that appears on your bill.

Here’s how to locate family members on your account:

  • Log into your account at T-Mobile.com.
  • Click on Profile.
  • Click on Family Controls, then head to Manage.
  • Then you select phone number you want to locate.


  • Locate your family members on demand
  • Check to see if your kids are home after school or practice with automatic
    scheduled checks
  • Allow your family members to share their location with you

7- SeekDroid: SeekDroid Lite

Price: Free to download, subscription required

SeekDroid is a service that will give you the ability to track your phone from any internet connected device. Once you login to SeekDroid.com you will be able to track the movements of the lost or stolen device with a history map, sound an alarm with a message (even if it is on silent mode), remote lock, retrieve the most recent call logs, and even wipe as a last resort.

8- Prey Anti-Theft

Price: Free
Prey Anti-Theft is a security application provides you with many features that allow you to track your lost or stolen device. It help you protecting your device and data including location of the device, thief’s picture, and allow you to see all active connections near your phone to track it easier.

Prey Anti-Theft offers a set of premium features like wiping, and a File Retrieval feature that allows you to recover your data.

9- Lookout Security & Antivirus

Price: Free, subscription required

The free version of Lookout Security and Antivirus includes anti-theft features (location, alarm), the antivirus, and System Advisor to report on OS issues.

It goes for $2.99/month or $29.99/year. It’s specially good for an antivirus or anti-malware app.

10- Plan B

Price: Free with in-app purchases
Plan B allows you to to track your lost or stolen phone even if the app hadn’t been installed before hand. But it’s better to install it on the phone before.

Plan B can locate your phone as long as the phone is on and connected to the internet. Then the service sends the location of your device to your Email Inbox.


McAfee Antivirus & Security

Kaspersky Mobile Security

Norton Mobile Security Lite

AVG AntiVirus

Avast! Mobile Security

6 Mobile Photography Tips Every User Should Know

In the past, taking a stunning photo was a labor-intensive process. You had have buy an expensive camera and a software to edit photo for, and invest time and energy into learning how to use them.
Now, with our mobile devices and the editing apps that come with them, and a few simple tricks, we are able to take high-quality photos. Check our 6 mobile photography tips that will dramatically improve your photos.

Set your camera’s focus

The camera’s autofocus doesn’t always focus perfectly where you want your camera lens to focus. Not every time your picture has a look sharp.
To adjust your subject to be always in sharp focus, you’ll need to set the camera focus manually.

  • Open your camera app and tap on the screen where you want to set focus (Your main subject).
  • A yellow icon should then appear on your camera screen to indicate the focus point.
  • Now, press the shutter button to take your photo.

The subject that you set focus on will appear sharp. Anything in front of or behind the focus point may appear out of focus.
Adjusting the focus is one of the easy but important mobile photography tips you can know.

Experiment Different Perspectives.

Most mobile photos are taken from chest height while standing, either straight on or from a bird’s eye view.
But you’ll get more interesting photos by taking a photo from a different perspective. Try shooting directly upward and with the sky as negative space. Or, you can try shooting at a slight downward angle.

Play with reflections

We all love seeing the sky reflected in a body of water. Reflections show up often in the landscape photos. But it’s It’s easy to find inspiration for reflection photography.. larger bodies of water, metallic surfaces, sunglasses, drinking glasses, and mirrors are just a few.

Use leading lines.

Photography leading lines are lines that draw the viewer’s eye toward a specific part of the photo. You can use them to draw a viewer’s attention to a certain part of the frame. This can be an object, a person, or a vanishing point in the background of the frame.

Zoom only With iPhone

Avoid zooming in when taking a photo. Doing so can make the photo appear pixelated. And you will compromise the quality.  It’s better to get closer to your subject.

Use natural light

Don’t use the flash. It’s difficult to take a great photo with artificial light. If natural light is available take advantage from the sources of natural light you can find.

How to Block Cell Phone Numbers on Android and iOS

Whether you have an Android or an iPhone device, all major service providers offer a way to block incoming phone numbers. Here’s how to block annoying calls, SMS, SPAMS or just some people to avoid (draggers, strangers, etc.).

Block a call on iOS

On iOS, by preventing someone from sending you an SMS, you will automatically block him on FaceTime and also on voice calls. Blocking a number from one area blocks all three areas.

To block a number that has called you on your iPhone, go to:

  • Select “recent calls”
  • Find the number and tap the i icon next to the phone number.
  • You will get information on the call and actions to take
  • Scroll down until the “Block” option appears, and select Block this Caller

You can also block someone who is already in your contact list. To do this, follow the steps to follow:

  • Open Settings> Phone> Call Blocking & Identification > Block contact.
  • Your contact list will be displayed and you can scroll and select the ones you want to block.
  • You can also access it via Settings> Messages> Blocked> Add New.

How can I know that I have been stuck on iOS?

If you think you have been blocked by one of your contacts, there are a few things to think about:

  • Being sent directly to voicemail when you call this person
  • Never see the “Vu” message under your iMessage when you write to it
  • The fact that your text stays green without turning blue.

Block phone number on iPhone

Block a call on Android

  • Open your “phone” app
  • Go to your recent calls list
  • Select the number you want to block
  • On a Samsung phone, tap Details.
  • If your operator supports blocking, you’ll have a menu item called something like “Block number” or “Reject call” or perhaps “Add to blacklist.”
  • Tap “Block”.