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Samsung will finally remove ads in its applications

If you use a Samsung smartphone, then you may be familiar with the ads in some system applications. After spending more than 1,000 euros for a Galaxy S21+ or a Samsung foldable smartphone, it is of course very annoying. However, this annoying practice will come to an end as the manufacturer announced today that it […]

Android manual, basic guide for beginners

If you searched for android manual and I found this post, first thing, welcome. You have come this far for two possible options. Either you’re one of the “nuts” who resisted having a smartphone and finally decided to upgrade, or you’re coming from another operating system and want to make the move to Android, the […]

Locate a lost or stolen Android phone or iPhone

You have misplaced your mobile or it has been stolen? Don’t panic! If you have activated the appropriate function, you can quickly trace it to recover it and even lock it or delete it remotely. It’s a misfortune that doesn’t just happen to others. Losing your cell phone or having it stolen, inevitably takes on […]

Easy Guide: Applications to locate a person’s phone

You’ve lost your smartphone or you want to keep an eye on your kids. Find out how to locate your phone Locating someone without them knowing is useful in many situations. You may need to check on your child’s whereabouts to ensure their safety. Locating a cell phone without authorization is a great solution for […]