15 essential tips to become a real iphone magician

You think you know everything about your iPhone?

Well, I assure you don’t!

The phone with the little apple on the back is full of great little tricks… …that even the most seasoned users don’t suspect. But since I’m being nice, I’m going to unveil all the tips and tricks, shortcuts and hidden functions.

Discover 15 new tricks to become a real iPhone wizard

Customize the Control Center

The iPhone Control Center is set up by default with certain features. Well, you can customize it to your liking very easily.

Go to “Settings” and tap “Control Center”. In this menu, select the features you want to add to the control center by pressing the green “+” icon. Conversely, if you want to remove any, press the red “-” icon.

Practice adding the “Save screen” function so that you can do tip

Record what you see on the screen

If you have followed point #1 of our article, the “Record Screen” function is added to your control center. To make sure, open it by sliding your finger down to the right with an iPhone that has Face ID or up with an iPhone that has Touch ID.

A save button is now present in the control center. Just press it to start registering your screen. With this little feature, you can record everything you do on your iPhone. When you want to stop recording your screen, tap the red bar at the top.

Hide your private photos

All the photos you take with the iPhone are stored in the photo application. But when you open this application, the photos appear in full view of everyone. Not great if you want to keep a little privacy or hide sensitive photos (bank documents, photos that are a bit naked, etc.).

Fortunately, there is a little trick to hide them easily. Open the Photos application and select the video or photo you want to hide. Touch the “Shared” icon and select “Hide” from the options (scroll down the menu if necessary to see this option appear). You will then be asked to confirm whether you want to hide the photo or video and you are done. The photo no longer appears anywhere in your photo application. If you want to view it or put it back in your album, go back to the photo application and press “Hide”. Hidden photos appear in this menu. Just tap the “Shared” icon and then tap “Show” and the photos return to your classic album.

Close three applications at once

Personally, I find it super annoying to have to close open applications one by one. Well, did you know that you can close 3 applications at the same time to save time?! Make several applications appear at the same time (double-click the “Home” button or scan the screen from the bottom to the middle) and use 3 fingers to drag the applications up. This saves you precious time. Discover the trick here.

Ask Siri to read your e-mails aloud

Activate Siri in Settings and say “Siri, read me my new e-mails”. The PDA will then read your new e-mails aloud. And you can also use this trick to read messages by saying “Siri, read me my messages”.

Siri hasn’t finished surprising us yet! Very useful in the morning to discover her new e-mails and have breakfast at the same time.

Easily correct a mistake in a message with the Trackpad

Everybody knows what a Trackpad is? It’s the tactile keyboard that replaces the mouse on laptops. The Trackpad makes navigating through text much easier.

Well, did you know that you can turn the classic iPhone keyboard into a Trackpad? When the keyboard is displayed, press and hold the space key for 2 or 3 seconds. The classic keyboard will then give way to the Trackpad. You can now navigate on text as if you were using a mouse. Essential to easily correct a mistake on a message, an e-mail or any text!

Create customized vibrations based on alerts

The vibrations of your iPhone are fully customizable!

Go to “Settings”, then tap “Sounds and Vibrations”. In this menu, select the “Sound patterns and vibration sequences” that you want to modify. For example, choose “Ringtone”. You will see “Vibration” at the top; click on it. Now just go to the banner (at the bottom of the menu) and press “Create Vibration”.

Very useful if you want to create a subtle vibration for certain messages you receive.

Create a password with letters instead of numbers

You thought until now that the lock codes of the iPhone had to be in numbers? Well, they don’t! To include a combination of letters in your code, go to “Settings” and select “Touch ID or Face ID and code”. Enter your current lock code and choose “Change Code”. Re-enter the lock code, select “Code Options” and finally “Personal Alphanumeric Code”. You can then choose your letter/number combination to further secure the access code.

Shake the iPhone to erase the text you just typed

Want to impress the iPhone-addict sphere with a little known trick? To erase text on any screen, just shake your iPhone. Useful, fast and hyper clever isn’t it? And if you finally want to make it reappear, shake it again and everything comes back as if by magic.

Use the Sleep app to go to bed at the right time

You want to have your sleep count and not be disturbed during your night? Your iPhone can help!

Go to the “Health” app, select “Set Sleep” and set the number of hours you want to sleep each night. The application will then tell you what time you need to go to bed and will set the time you want to wake up.

It will also give you lots of tips to sleep better! At the chosen bedtime, the iPhone will also set up some useful options. For example, it will turn down the brightness and go into “Do not disturb” mode automatically. 45 min before bedtime, the iPhone will even reduce all activities for a “Return to Calm”.

Use the flash to know that you have received a message

A rather nice trick to use when you want to remain discreet and not have ringing or vibrations. If you want your phone’s flash to turn on at certain times during a call or message, do this.

Go to “Settings”, select “Accessibility” and press “Audio/Visual”. At the very bottom of the list, activate “Flash LED for alerts”. From now on, when you receive a call, message or other alerts, your phone will flash!

Program a reminder when you leave from a specific location

Have you been instructed to bring home bread every night when you get home from work? The problem is that you keep forgetting to buy it! Set yourself an automatic reminder. It’s amazingly efficient. For example, I want a “Buy Bread” reminder to be displayed on my phone every day of the week when I leave work. Open the “Reminder” application on your iPhone and press the “+” at the bottom of the screen. Name the reminder “Buy Bread” and then tap “Detail” to set when and under what conditions the reminder should occur. Press “Date” to set which day the reminder should be issued and “Place” to indicate when the reminder should be issued. You will never forget to buy your bread again.

It’s your spouse who will be happy!

Take a picture with the volume button

You certainly know this trick, but it’s so handy that it would be a shame to miss it. When you take horizontal photos with the iPhone, click on the volume button + or – to trigger the photo. This way, you don’t have to twist your finger to reach the button that allows you to take a picture.

Use the camera as a magnifying glass

Did you know that the camera on your iPhone can turn into a magnifying glass?

Very handy when your eyesight is failing…

Go to “Settings” then “Accessibility”. Select “Loupe” and activate the button. If you have an iPhone X or later, click 3 times on the side button to activate it. If you have an iPhone 8 or earlier, click 3 times on the “ID button”. You can then zoom in on anything, your screen now acting as a magnifying glass!

Do-it-yourself: use the iPhone level to make sure everything is straight

Do you hang a painting on the wall? And you want to make sure the painting is straight? Take out your iPhone and open the application called “Measurements”. Then click on the “Level” tab to display the built-in level. Move your iPhone from left to right until the level displays 0. If it does, the screen will turn green. Convenient for Sunday handymen!

Bonus: record your videos in 4K

You probably don’t know it, but all iPhone after the 6S model have the ability to take videos in 4K! You just have to activate the setting, because it is not active by default.

Go to “Settings”, choose “Cameras” and “record a video”. From there you can choose the 4K video resolution for your great videos.

Be careful though, 4K takes up a lot of memory space and battery power, so use the option sparingly.

Now it’s your turn…

Have you tried our 16 iPhone tips? Tell us if it worked for you. We look forward to hearing from you! Do you like this tip? Share it with your friends on Facebook.

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